Curb Appeal

Aesthetically pleasing landscape creates a welcoming feel for your home. The addition of new mulch and rock, or trimming trees and bushes make the lot look manicured and inviting.

Paint Alterations

A fresh coat of paint gives the interior or exterior of your home a beautiful look. Re-painting the front door, changing your interior walls to a neutral color, or touch up flaking exterior paint - these small tasks make your home more appealing to a larger audience.

Small Bathroom Updates

Bathroom remodels can be expensive, however, small changes such as a new shower head or a new bath faucet can give the look of an great updated space.

Kitchen Changes

Switching out your countertops or installing a new faucet are relatively easy and inexpensive fix to give your kitchen a brand new appearance.

Cleaning Services

A clean house allows the client to experience the home without any interruption. Cleaning services include, but are not limited to, hard to remove stains in carpet, window cleaning, and pet clean-up.

SIP offers the opportunity to come to your home, once you have settled in within the first year, to do a post inspection of the property and give you feedback on what may be needed in the near future.

Preventative maintenance is key to avoid costly repairs.

We can also look at minor problems during this time such as a door that is not shutting properly or changing out a hard to reach light bulb.


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